Seniors celebrated following 29th Hants Senior Games



HANTS COUNTY, N.S. — About 115 Hants County seniors laced up their shoes or rolled up their sleeves to compete in a variety of fun games earlier this month.

Among those participants was Marg Harris, who, at 102-years-young, is a competitive bridge player.

“I come up every Monday night from East Gore, even when it's snowing, raining,” she said of the weekly games held at the Royal Canadian Legion in Windsor. “I take my time and I get there.”

Harris was one of several dozen seniors who attended the closing ceremony of the Hants Senior Games May 23 at the Hants County War Memorial Community Centre in Windsor. The event featured award certificates for first, second and third place finishers, door prize draws, and a light lunch.

When asked the secret to remaining so mentally fit, Harris chuckled.

“There's no secret,” she said. “If you work (hard)... eat well, sleep well and are good to your neighbour, you'd be surprised.”

Nine venues from throughout West Hants were used during the games, which ran from May 1-19. More than a dozen games were played, from horseshoes and pickleball to cribbage and crokinole.

“This year marks the 29th annual senior games, which started in 1989. The success of the games can be attributed to the dedicated volunteers who meet year round,” said Windsor's Deputy Mayor Laurie Murley during her opening remarks.

The group, chaired by Vera Bower with Barb Frank as its treasurer, consists of Helen Ross, Wilfred Edwards, Carol and Doug Dahr, Ken Pemberton, Marjorie Brightman, Wayne Hamm, Benny Quinn, Alvin Atwell, West Hants Recreation Director Kathy Kehoe and Windsor Recreation Director Dianne Levy.

Warden Abraham Zebian also congratulated the seniors on their achievements and the Windsor and West Hants recreation staff for their support.

“This is great. Every year it gets better and better.”

Wilfred Edwards, 92, was the second eldest competitor. He placed first in auction 45s, and second place in both horseshoes and candle pin bowling (mens 71 and over league).



And the winners are...


Mexican Train Dominoes

1st — Barbara Frank

2nd — Pat Atwell

3rd — Margie McIsaac




1st — Benny Quinn

2nd — Wayne Hamm

3rd — Doug Dahr



1st — Frances Lunn

2nd — Jeannie Clements

3rd — Annie Wilson



1st — Helen Ross

2nd — Barbara Frank

3rd — Marguerite Morrison



1st — Alvin and Pat Atwell

2nd — Anne DeBaie and Marylyn Miller

3rd — Annie Wilson and Benny Quinn


Candle Pin Bowling

Womens 55-70 League

1st — Darlene Cummins

2nd — Carolyn Northrupt

3rd — Mary Ann Collister


Womens 65-70 Recreational

1st — Debbie Siler

2nd — Sharon Benedict

3rd — Jean Ramey


Womens 71 and Over League

1st — Annie Wilson

2nd — Audrey Ross

3rd — Sylvia Sanford


Womens 71 and Over Recreational

1st — Faye Beasley


Mens 55-70 League

1st — Gerard Tremblay

2nd — Roy Collister

3rd — Terry Newcombe


Mens 65-70 Recreational

1st — Carl Siler


Mens 71 and Over League

1st — Owen Cochrane

2nd — Wilfred Edwards and Dave Bennet (tie)

3rd — Wayne Lunn


Floor Shuffleboard

1st — Audrey Ross and Brenda LeBlanc

2nd — Doug Dahr and Betty Ann Cochrane

3rd — Marylyn Miller and Gerard Tremblay


Table Tennis



1st — Brent Reid

2nd — Benny Quinn

3rd — Alvin Atwell



1st — Carol Dahr



1st — Marylyn Miller and Doug Dahr

2nd — Marguerite Morrison and Doc Morrison

3rd — Frances Lunn and Majorie Brightman


Auction 45s

1st — Wilfred Edwards and Carol Dahr

2nd — Sharon Benedict and Shirley Swinamer

3rd — Jean Ramey and Linda Harvey and Ida Dimock and Carolyn Connors (tie)


Straight 45s

1st — Ida Dimock and Carolyn Connors

2nd — Wayne Hamm and Marylyn Miller/Vera Bower

3rd — Doug Dahr and Lois Smith


Duplicate Bridge

1st — Helen Jukow and Alva Rooney

2nd — Carol MacKenzie and David Perry

3rd — Lorraine Purcell and Margaret Chipman





1st — David Perry

2nd — Benny Quinn

3rd — Terry Newcombe



1st — Pat Atwell

2nd — Phyllis Lavers

3rd — Jeannie Clements




Mens Doubles

1st — Harvey O’Tool and Brent Reid

2nd — Steve Lunn and Bill McConnell

3rd — Bob Milne and Dave Matheson


Womens Doubles

1st — Barb Hughes and Janice Demsey Stewart

2nd — Giselle Remme and Renda Vandertoorn

3rd — Pat Lunn and Tina O’Toole


Mixed Doubles

1st — Barb Hughes and Dave Matheson

2nd — Bob Milne and Renda Vandertoorn

3rd — Bill McConnell and Giselle Remme



1st — Majorie Brightman and Frances Lunn

2nd — Anne DeBaie and Marylyn Miller

3rd —Doc Morrison and Marguerite Morrison


Hand and Foot

1st — Marjorie Brightman and Frances Lunn

2nd — Vera Bower and Barbara Frank

3rd — Doc Morrison and Marguerite Morrison


Contract Bridge

1st — Audrey Woodman and Karen MacDonald

2nd — Sherry Brideau and Alva Rooney

3rd — Carol MacKenzie and David Perry



1st — Wayne Hamm and Jocelyne Plourde

2nd — Jeannie Clements and Wilfred Edwards

3rd — Mary Anne Collister and Ken Pemberton


Washer Toss

1st —Audrey Woodman and Fred Sanford

2nd — Faye Beazley and Redge Lyon

3rd — Jocelyne Plourde and Carl Siler

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