There are a variety of games being offered to participants, some physically challenging, others challenge the mind but all are just plain fun. We are always open to new ideas and thoughts and host communities are encouraged to introduce activities that may be unique to their particular area. The following is a list of activities that you will definitely see at the games(core activities) followed by a list of optional activities which the Host Committee may or may not choose to include. We normally try to run between 22 and 30 activities at the provincial games.

Core Activities

To be offered at 2019 NS Games. Host will select 14-16 of the following events.

Contract Bridge
Duplicate Bridge
Ice Hockey (M/F)

Candle Pin Bowling
Ice Curling (M/F)

Washer Toss
Track and Field

Optional Activities

Host to select 6-10 of the following events so total events is at least 20, but no more than 24.

Soccer (M/F-7 aside)
Floor Shuffleboard
Mountain Biking
Walk (Predicted Time)
Floor Curling
Table Tennis

Carpet Bowling

Lawn Bowling
Ice Skating (Predicted Time)*
5K/10K Run*
Nordic Pole Walking*
Stick Curling


The activities above with an asterisk are considered BONUS events and may be entered into by any participant "in addition to" their main activity of choice. Bonus events are only to be included as long as they can be run on a non interference basis with most of the other events ( ie. conducted prior to the Opening Ceremonies, in the evening or possibly on the final day, Saturday).

Levels of competition

We are aware that there are literally hundreds of various clubs across the province that 55+ people belong to. Some are strictly for Seniors, others for people of all ages. They could be Golf Clubs or Curling Clubs, Bowling Leagues or Bridge Clubs. Our aim is to bring those people together who still have a competitive streak in their body, enjoy a little travel and especially like meeting new and interesting people who have similar interests as they do.

Nova Scotia 55+ Games

First games in 2005, these games pit participants from the six regions as previously discussed. These games last three days and most activities are scheduled as one day or half day events; therefore participants can normally participate in at least two or three different activities. Exceptions to this are hockey, curling and slo-pitch which in all likelihood require the full time to conduct a proper round-robin tournament. These games are held bi-annually on odd numbered years and to date we have not had to set a limit on the number of participants per region. As the popularity of the games grow, this may be necessary, but not for a few years yet. Basic cost of participation is $35.00 and again additional fees are required for some activities. These games are the primary determining factor in deciding who will represent Nova Scotia at the Canada 55+ Games.

Canada 55+ Games

As stated these games have been in existence since 1996. As of April 2019 nine provinces and two territories are members of the Canada Senior Games Association (CSGA). Only Newfoundland and Nunavut have not joined, however, representatives from both of those areas have participated in the past and it is hoped both will come on board in the near future. These games are held bi-annually on even numbered years (Saint John, NB -2018) and participants can only take part in one activity which is primarily due to the numbers that attend the Canada Games. As an example, over 2200 Canadians attended the 2018 Canada Games in New Brunswick with Nova Scotia being represented by 278 participants and 26 non-participants for an overall total of 304.

Games open to people with disabilities

Our games are open to those with disabilities in fact they are most welcome. As an example we had two blind cribbage players in our 2007 games.